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Gamma Community Platform is an annual initiative to invest in the local communities that are home to Start Campus operations. Named both for Vasco de Gama – a Sines native – and for the “gamma factor” in business – the symbol for social impact – the Gamma Platform exists to empower community members to be leaders in regional development by supporting local initiatives that reflect four investment pillars: educational development, environment, community, and entrepreneurship.

The Platform will fund and support a number of community projects each year that target and benefit the municipality of Sines and neighboring Santiago do Cacem. We encourage individuals, organizations, and companies with eligible project proposals to apply.

Our goal is to leave a positive impact on the Sines region by promoting economic growth and prosperity through collaboration with local entrepreneurs, residents, and other stakeholders to understand and support their vision for their future of this community.

Available 2022-2023 cycle funds:



Applications will only be accepted for projects that directly target and intend to benefit the Sines region and reflect at least one of our four investment pillars:

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Educational Development

Projects or programs that intend to expand or improve educational opportunity and access.

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Projects that target environmental conservation, spread environmental education and awareness, or otherwise support the natural environment in some way.

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Initiatives that bring community members together, involve the participation of multiple community groups or organizations, or otherwise strengthen the social fabric.

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Creative and innovative ideas that promote growth and prosperity and create value for the community.

Any individual, organization, or company may apply for project funding, however Gamma Community Platform will give preference to applicants based in the Sines region.

For additional eligibility requirements, see the Gamma Community Platform Rules and Regulations.

How it works

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    October – January
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    Stage 2:
    Innovation Event and Interview
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    Stage 4:
    Community Poll
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    Funds Disbursed
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    Stage 1:
    Initial Evaluations
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    Stage 3:
    Site Visits and Final Evaluations
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    Recipient Announcement and Award Ceremon
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    Implementation and Monitoring

Rules and Regulations

For full process and regulation details and instructions, please review our Gamma Community Platform Rules and Regulations.


Please feel free to reach out to us via email:

Most common questions

Individuals or organizations with a project proposal that will positively impact the Sines and Santiago do Cacém community. For more details, consult our eligibility requirements.

Projects targeting the Sines and Santiago do Cacém community for improvement in one or more of the following areas: educational development, environment, community, and/or entrepreneurship.

Start Campus will fund up to 90% of eligible project costs. Eligible costs are expenses incurred that are directly and fundamentally related to project implementation. For a list of ineligible costs, visit our regulations.

Projects are evaluated in two stages using detailed evaluation criteria outlined in Chapter 5 of our regulations.

Any resident of the Sines and Santiago do Cacém municipality.

Once voting opens, visit the GAMMA community poll where you can explore eligible projects and vote for your top choice. The poll will be open for two weeks.

No. As long as the project you are proposing targets and intends to benefit the Sines and Santiago do Cacém community, you or your organization may apply for funding.

No project will be fully funded. Start Campus will fund a maximum of 90% of eligible project costs.

No. Projects scoring 75% and above upon final evaluation by GAMMA will be posted online for community vote.

Start Campus will notify each applicant by email regarding the progress of their application at each stage of the process.

Applications open October 15 and close January 15.

Complete the online application form. Be sure to read the GAMMA Platform Rules and Regulations before completing the application. Start Campus will begin evaluating projects in January.

Each individual or organization may submit more than one proposal per application cycle, but if selected will only be funded for a maximum of (1) project.

Yes. Start Campus will then only evaluate expenses not covered by the existing funds.

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