Carbon Neutral Operations by 2025

Carbon Neutral by 2028

Committed to Carbon Neutrality


Power usage effectiveness


Water usage effectiveness


Carbon usage effectiveness goal


scope of carbon emissions reporting


Waste Diversion Rate goal


Biodiversity footprint

Sustainability for the planet means standing the test of time

It means people, organizations, and even entire industries stay aligned with how the planet is evolving to co-actively preserve the environment for future generations.

Renewable Energy

Highly competitive renewable energy on own land, connected by private grid

A Greener Future

Delivery a positive handprint from the beginning Carbon Neutral Operations by 2025 Carbon Neutral by 2028

Ocean water cooling facilities

Repurpose existing legacy infrastructure and LNG waste-ocean water to delivery industry PUE and negligible WUE using zero-consumption oceanwater cooling solutions


Reforestation is priority representing our values to fauna, flora, carbon neutrally and conscious water usage

Positive impact

Start Campus is an innovator in the site selection, design, and building 100% green energy ecosystems.

Our goal is to be carbon-free in operations by 2025. We are taking steps to achieve this goal through sustainability.

This is achieved through the repurposing of existing energy grid facilities, utilizing the ocean for a state-of-the-art cooling solution, as well as own solar parks, backed by batteries and green PPAs.