Strong local empowerment

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Highest employee satisfaction

A community that grows together!

New employment opportunities with up to 1200 direct jobs and up to 8000 jobs in total

Our local education program brings in more bright minds into the data center industry to foster a diverse workforce

We’re committed to local communities and are constantly active in forums to continue to learn and grow with our community

Our Gamma Community platform empowers local communities by offering grants to fund meaningful projects

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New Job Opportunities

Up to 8000 jobs in total, including 700 to 1200 direct jobs

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Economic Development

Expected impact of €1.4bn p.a. (0.6% of Portugal’s GDP)

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Foreign Direct Investment

A total of €3.5bn in data center investment plus green energy generation development

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Renewable Energy investment

Over 1 GW in renewable energy up to 2030. Delivery of 25% of the power renewable demand target for Portugal’s digitalization

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GAMMA Project

GAMMA Community Platform is designed to fund Community-led initiatives

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Develop and transfer Know-how

Bring core technology skills to the regions of operation with involvement of local companies and labor to launch the city as a global green energy, technology hub

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Community engagement mechanisms

Participatory and representative vehicles for local entities. A co-creation mechanism will involve the community and decentralize the decision-making process.

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Local benefits’ program

Focused on education, environment, clean energy and social and entrepreneurial projects

GAMMA Community Platform

Our annual initiative to invest in the local communities that are home to Start Campus operations.

The GAMMA Platform exists to empower community members to be leaders in regional development by supporting local initiatives that reflect four investment pillars:

  • Educational development
  • Environment
  • Community
  • Entrepreneurship
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Social impact on the community


Number of jobs direct


Indirect jobs


Portuguese GDP impact

3,5 B €

Total investment
8 closed hands creating a circle

Sustainability Report

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