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Start Campus’s Fabiola Bordino will be a guest on Sustainability Superheroes Webinar Series July 25th

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Lisbon, Portugal – July 24, 2023 –  Start Campus, an organization developing cutting-edge sustainable data center services, announces that Fabiola Bordino, Head of Sustainability, Communication & Marketing, will be a guest on the esteemed webinar series Sustainability Superheroes, produced by AiDash. In this Sustainability Superheroes episode, Start Campus’s Fabiola Bordino will share the best ways to create a circular economy within big industries, ensuring sustainability efforts can not only save money but also boost profits. The episode will be live streamed at 2 p.m. BST/ 9 a.m. ET on July 25th.

In this session, Fabiola will cover the top three sustainability practices that save and earn money, practical strategies for applying circular economy principles to upfront design and future-proofing businesses, and the best way to build productive relationships with local communities.

Start Campus is dedicated to becoming a leading force in sustainability by building 100% green energy data center ecosystems, a much-needed asset when it comes to the rapid expansion of data industry across the globe. The company is on the cutting edge when it comes to utilizing “circular economy,” a model that aims to maximize resource efficiency and minimize waste by keeping materials and products in use for as long as possible. Start Campus’s SINES Project applies circular economy with their ocean water-cooling system, which both uses natural seawater and repurposed pre-cooled seawater, minimizing waste and giving Start Campus negligible water consumption.

When Start Campus set out in 2020 to be fully carbon free by 2028, they decided to take a novel P&L approach to sustainability. Now, they are taking the approaches to savings and profits they used within their own sustainable data center initiatives and applying them to other industries. The challenge is to move beyond simply checking traditional sustainability boxes.

Success means dismantling linear economy (“take-make-waste”) operations and replacing them with circular economy practices that reduce waste, recirculate resources, and regenerate nature. These are the processes that can reduce costs and make sustainability a profit center.

In Portugal, the Sines region has the highest potential to host a high capacity/ high density data processing infrastructure with reduced impact on the community and the planet, through the use of environmentally sustainable solutions and a location in an industrial location that allows the conversion of industrial infrastructures. Fabiola will address how Start Campus puts circular economy into action, and how the data center industry can benefit from this model.

WHEN: July 25, 2023 | 2 p.m. BST | 9 a.m. ET

WHAT: Webinar: The Circular Economy

WHO: Fabiola Bordino, Head of Sustainability, Communication & Marketing


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About Start Campus

Start Campus is responsible for the development of the SINES project, a Hyperscale Data Centre campus with a capacity of 495MW in Sines, in an investment of up to 3.5 billion euros. It will be one of the largest data center campuses in Europe and meets the growing demand from large international technology companies. It will create up to 1,200 direct highly skilled jobs and 8,000 indirect jobs by 2028. It is located in Sines and will benefit from all the strategic advantages such as cooling systems with sea water, access to the high-voltage electricity grid, connectivity through the connection to international high-capacity networks of fiber optic cables with North America, Africa and South America. SINES project will be one of the largest data center ecosystems with 100% green energy at competitive prices in a premium location in Europe, which is the perfect gateway to Europe and the world.

About Sustainability Superheroes

Sustainability Superheroes is a monthly virtual live event series with real conversations featuring leaders in sustainability efforts. Experts discuss top trends, challenges, and frameworks — and most importantly — how they navigate it all to help create a greener, cleaner, more sustainable future.

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