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Start Campus Connecting the World

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The rapid pace of digital transformation is driving an everincreasing amount of data creation, storage and use. This has resulted in increased demand for data centre capacity, a trend that is set to continue, driven specifically by ‘hyperscalers’, i.e. companies that dominate the public cloud and hybrid cloud services industries, such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. This trend, together with the ever-increasing focus on sustainability, were the two factors behind the birth of Start Campus, established in 2020. The company is now completing the first stage of SINES project, its groundbreaking project constructed on the Portuguese coast, an investment worth up to €3.5 billion. Set in a premium strategic location, the perfect gateway to Europe and the world, SINES, a Hyperscaler Data Centre campus with a capacity of up to 495MW, will not only be one of Europe’s largest data centre campuses but one with a minimal environmental footprint. It will have created upto 1,200 highly skilled direct jobs and 8,000 indirect jobs when it is completed in 2028.

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