Sines, Portugal

SINES Project, a 495 MW campus will be one of the largest Hyperscaler data center ecosystems with 100% green energy at competitive prices in a premium strategic European location, which is the perfect gateway to Europe and the World.

The project benefits from all strategic advantages such as oceanwater cooling systems, access to the high voltage power grid, connectivity through the connection to high-capacity international fiber optic cables with North America, Africa, and South America.

Being fully powered by renewable and affordable energy, Start Campus offers 100%  sustainable facilities with a low Total Cost of Operations (TCO).

  1. Start of master plan Design
  2. Start of Construction
  3. 15 MW Ready for service
  4. 135 MW Ready for service
  5. 495 MW Ready for service

Why Sines, Portugal:

Portugal is the safest country in Europe and a full member of the EU since 1986.

  • Most peaceful country in Europe and 3rd in the world
  • Lowest security threat in the world
  • Highest multilanguage proficiency in Europe
  • Best expat destination worldwide
  • Portugal now accounts for 3.4% of the Foreign Domestic Investments (FDI) projects in Europe
  • 2021 was a record year for FDI projects in Portugal, with a growth of almost 30% since 2020
  • 2nd highest rate of Engineering Grades in Europe
  • 30% growth in the software and IT services sector
  • Fast delivery due to local and national government support


MW to servers​


PUE – Power usage effectiveness​


WUE – Water usage effectiveness


Carbon emissions goal


direct jobs and Up to 8000 indirect jobs


Connected to 62 countries and 91 locations

Where we are

The strategic location is fully powered by renewable and cost-efficient energy, providing a state-of-the-art ecosystem.

By locating facilities outside of large metro regions, SINES project makes a positive impact on net contributions by providing a new industry within local communities, complete with employment and new skills.

Learn more about our 15MW Building, SIN01