GM3207 - #saudável_mente

Promotion of mental health and well-being skills; Requalification and dynamisation exterior space

Pillars of Gamma Community Platform: Educational Development, Environment, Community
Implementation time: 1 year
Project duration: Open-ended
Community: Promote mental health and environmental awareness in children and youth, contributing to environmental preservation


Espiga presents two different projects that impact different pillars of the GAMMA Community Programme. One of them is to promote mental health through training and the other is to promote environmental awareness through activities developed in nature.

Project 1: Educatinal Center “Os Espiguinhas” at Santiago to Cacém, where the primary goal is to contribute to a more effective emotional and behavioral management, the promotion of self-esteem skills and emotional identification and regulation, positively impacting the school performance and learning process of children and young people from Santiago de Cacém School Grouping. Simultaneously, they want to impact the community, in a first phase, with the dissemination of the Programme through face-to-face sessions with tutors, students and education professionals and a promotional video that will circulate in social networks raising awareness of the community. In a second phase, the goal is to disseminate the sessions through social networks, continuing to raise awareness of this issue in the community. Finally, results will be shared, in order to assess the evolution of the quality of the participants’ school performance (ability to identify and manage emotions with influence on effective behavior management and improvement of the learning process in the school context).

Project 2: DayCare Center “A Conchinha” in Sines they have large space with trees and fertile soil that is not being used, which they intend to re-qualify and make dynamic with the implementation of this project, to continue the work already developed, as well as improve this area, creating new horticultural, learning and social areas. Espiga intends to acquire a cistern for the use of rainwater, a compost bin for the use of organic waste from the cafeteria, a hen house for laying hens that will allow children to daily feed them and remove their eggs, a tree house that allows the implementation of a tree climbing trail and a nature observatory, and will also have a picnic area to promote intergenerational gatherings. They intend to create a scent garden and an orchard with the help of the children and their families.