GM3208 - NISS – Espaço de Memórias das Rotas Atlânticas

Heritage enhancement and promotion projects

Pillars of Gamma Community Platform: Educational Development, Community
Implementation time: 2 years
Community: Municipality visitor’s increase, create new jobs, new local offers (tourism, gastronomy, and handicraft), knowledge and physical activity promotion


This project aims to promote the enhancement of heritage and the active participation of society through various initiatives with regional impact.

The NISS project aims to enhance the memory, culture and heritage of Sines, through the implementation of a multidisciplinary program of actions focused on the area of Heritage Education, implemented in close coordination with institutions and the local community.

The NISS project will act mainly with the local community, promoting the valuation of heritage through events (workshops, thematic classes, conferences) and in the production of a documentary about a historical period of Sines. In addition to these activities, the pilot program for heritage education proposes to promote with the Escola Secundária Poeta Al-Berto (Sines), Escola Secundária Padre António Macedo (Vila Nova de Santo André) and Associação Caboverdiana de Sines e Santiago do Cacém an educational project associated with the subjects of Citizenship and Project, Biology, Science and History. The project also includes the elaboration of a tourist itinerary of the region.