Creating one of Europe’s largest and most sustainable data ecosystems

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    Founded in 2020
  2. to develop
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    SINES DC, a 495 MW data center campus in Portugal
  4. to further develop
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    Other large scale and sustainable data ecosystems
Sustainable world with renewable energy

Start Campus is an innovator in the site selection, design, construction, and operation of large and sustainable data ecosystems.

Our goal is to be Net Zero by 2030. We are taking steps to achieve this through sustainability and cost-efficiency initiatives, including repurposing existing energy grid facilities, reusing redundant infrastructure such as seawater intakes, backed up a state-of-the-art cooling system which utilises ocean water, and does not consume potable or industrial water.

By locating facilities outside of large metro regions, Start Campus has a positive impact on net contributions by providing a new industry within local communities, complete with employment and new skills.