We are a multi-cultural company building a global technological and green energy company:

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    Founded in 2020
  2. to develop
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    SINES Project 100% green sustainable hyperscale DC ecosystem
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    Other 100% green sustainable hyperscale DC ecosystems
Sustainable world with renewable energy

Start Campus is an innovator in the site selection, design, and building 100% green energy ecosystems.

Our goal is to be carbon-free by 2028. We are taking steps to achieve this goal through sustainability and cost efficiency. This is achieved through repurposing of existing energy grid facilities, utilizing ocean for a state-of-the-art cooling solution, as well as own solar parks, backed by batteries and green PPAs, to optimize costs.

These facilities create their own energy, protect the environment, are a strain on the community’s energy grid. By locating facilities outside of large metro regions, Start Campus makes a positive impact on net contributions by providing a new industry within local communities, complete with employment and new skills.